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I rub my foot into the bone. The pain is liberating, I don't feel so alone. 

We live in the almost there. 

I'm such an introvert. When I'm around people, I try to be such an extrovert and I don't know why? 

I saw you and you stopped.

Before you were scurrying, now you are not.

I think you can see me...I can see you.

But wait, I took too long.

And now you are gone.

Goodbye my friend, scurry along. 

The pools are closed. Our minds are open. 

Spiders all around me.

Stuck inside my brain.

I wish I could see me, for I have too much to gain. 

The leaves are green and I think of you. 

Lungs filled. Chest eased. I want you inside of me, you set me free. 

Brad - lives every shower like it's his last. 

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